A good evening

Silo Park is one of the main attraction in Auckland, without any introduction, you can find a lot of information about this place and how to get there.

But I highly recommend to visit Silo Park in the evening, beside the variety of restaurants there you can also see some epic sunset and take a stroll down to the waterfront.

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Bob have a new cove and Glenorchy

One of the best thing when talking about Queenstown, you can not miss the mighty Lake Wakatipu. The lake is shaped like a lighting and it’s the longest lake in New Zealand.

ones you head into Queenstown, you can see Lake Wakatipu straight away. However, the best way to see its full glory, you have to take the scenic route around the lake.

Bob’s cove is a 15 minutes drive, north of Queenstown and its a must stop for your way to Glenorchy. Of cause you can also stop at Bennett’s Bluff lookout, but you will encounter some tourist there.

Glenorchy is the located at the tip of the lake, it’s a small settlement but there is cafes and pub for you to seat down and relax and enjoy the epic view.

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Miranda, Miranda

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Miranda is famous for its hot spring but today I am talking about another attraction.

Miranda is located about an hour drive from Auckland, Southeast corner of Auckland. It’s a home of many seabirds and waders. You can see all kind of seabirds if you go there in the right season.

Miranda is good for bird watching, picnic, and fishing.

And if you drive up Kaiaua, you can see the Firth of Thame in its full glory.

awesome art and a slice of turkey

Titirangi have an art gallery that faces towards the sea, and the interior architecture is just as epic. If you ever have a chance to go there, do go inside and have a visit (the one with the automatic door). Of cause, do check their event online to see their awesome collection of art and their gift shop.

After a evening of culture, head to the other gallery on the left to go up the roof to view the titirangi beach from afar.

To end the afternoon, you must be hungry. Head back down to the front and enjoy some turkish delights.

The cafe is Turkish theme, there are cold brew, smoothies, and tea to choose from and their pastries are excellent as well.


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The last frontier

tl:dr version:

Go to Bluff for the the view and toilet.

More info version:

Bluff: the last town of South Island, famous for its view and awesome oysters. If I am blogging about these two things then you got me wrong. Besides the fact that one of the best oyster is from bluff and the festival is on 20th of May, by far the best attraction for me was the public toilet.

Yes, you read it correct, the toilet. The exterior of the toilet is nothing special but the technology to built it was way better then what you see in Auckland, WAY BETTER. Besides the toilet will time you how long you can stay inside, it also restrict you from how many toilet paper you can take.

once you come back out, you will be greeted with an epic pool of water you ever see. Pic for proof.

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back to black

tl:dr version:

drive on beach, walk less.

long version:

If you are like me who doesn’t like walking too much, this one is for you.

Karioitahi beach is located in Franklin, a rural town on the outskirt of Auckland; a beach that you can drive your car as close to the water as possible. Theres also is a waterfall near the entrance, and it’s really to get there, not much of a climb. You can fish, hike, drive, swim, horse riding, surf, and even paraglide there.

It was the second time I drove on the beach, it was so awesome that I forgot my speed and almost flip my car over. So, do watch your speed on the beach.

If you do plan on swimming and/or surf there, do swim/surf between the flag as the water can get rough there.

have fun and enjoy.

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Sun set in the west


Tl:dr version:

muriwai beach for sunset in the summer, good.

Long version:

It was summer when I was not lazy enough to get out of the house to watch a proper sunset.

There was this road going into Muriwai beach, from top of the mountain downwards, halfway down there is a parking spot you can catch the sun as it go down. Shimmering lights shining onto the water reflecting the last radiance as it sets. Cold ocean breeze blowing, cooling the air as the day is about to end.

As the day laid bare, time to head home for a warm cup of coffee.



Riverhead forest


Tl:dr version:

Good place to visit, and a lot of activity does to do, like motocross and paintball.

Slightly crazy version

There will be a time you have to take your velociraptor for a walk, and today was the day. I searched wide and far on google, and i founded the perfect place. There is a forest in Auckland and it’s not the Waitakere ranges and not much of a drive either, so we set out for an adventure.

Once we got there, we were slightly befuddled when we arrived; there was no car park insight or no one around. We checked and double checked what’s on the screen, the GPS indicates we are exactly where we need to be. We drove back to the spot where some cars had parked, and what did you know, the entrance it appears.

Got out of the car, and Veloci the raptor was excited. When he saw the mushrooms, he almost farted. It was a good walk with trees and ferns, but I can feel my thighs starting to burn. As we head back we meet a little guy, we wanted to say hello, but it’s time to say goodbye.



Best of Monday

Monday, the most hated day of the week.

Back to the grind after a fantastic weekend. But hey, there is actually something good to look forward on Monday.

There is a restaurant in Mt Eden doing specials on every Monday. A dozen mussels and a beer for around NZD25.

There are range of Belgian beer to choose from and my favourite by far is the cherry flavor one.


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