walking up to see it fall

If you like me who doesn't like to hike, this one is definite for you. This is a short walk to the top, sits on the edge and contemplate why dafuq you are sitting on the edge of a waterfall. for more info: Wairere Falls  

Weekend in Sydney

Couple of weeks back, I was fortunate enough to travel to Sydney to see the Vivid Sydney light show. And here are my thoughts.   When I landed in Sydney, there was a bit of a drizzle, and to top it all, the airport bus took nearly an hour to get the whole plane off... Continue Reading →

A good evening

Silo Park is one of the main attraction in Auckland, without any introduction, you can find a lot of information about this place and how to get there. But I highly recommend to visit Silo Park in the evening, beside the variety of restaurants there you can also see some epic sunset and take a... Continue Reading →

Bob have a new cove and Glenorchy

One of the best thing when talking about Queenstown, you can not miss the mighty Lake Wakatipu. The lake is shaped like a lighting and it’s the longest lake in New Zealand. ones you head into Queenstown, you can see Lake Wakatipu straight away. However, the best way to see its full glory, you have... Continue Reading →

Miranda, Miranda

Miranda is famous for its hot spring but today I am talking about another attraction. Miranda is located about an hour drive from Auckland, Southeast corner of Auckland. It’s a home of many seabirds and waders. You can see all kind of seabirds if you go there in the right season. Miranda is good for... Continue Reading →

awesome art and a slice of turkey

Titirangi have an art gallery that faces towards the sea, and the interior architecture is just as epic. If you ever have a chance to go there, do go inside and have a visit (the one with the automatic door). Of cause, do check their event online to see their awesome collection of art and... Continue Reading →

The last frontier

tl:dr version: Go to Bluff for the the view and toilet. More info version: Bluff: the last town of South Island, famous for its view and awesome oysters. If I am blogging about these two things then you got me wrong. Besides the fact that one of the best oyster is from bluff and the... Continue Reading →

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