Hidden gem of Auckland

New Zealand is famous for her epic scenery and surfer paradise. In Auckland, most of these beaches are saturated on the west coast but there is a gem tucked away on the east and it’s called Te Arai.

Te Arai is hidden in the east coast, a small rural community near the north of Auckland. With its beautiful beach and spectacular scenery, it’s easily one of the best and most beautiful beach of Auckland. You can also find many species of birds living there, even the critically endangered fern tail.

With a long stretch of beautiful beach in-between the two entrance, you are sure to get the beach by yourself overlooking waves crashing beyond the shallow.

However, all this could be a thing of the past. Developers are currently trying to subdivide into campgrounds, hotel, and golf course near the beach. Do try to visit it before it becomes a rich man’s playground.

Te Arai

Te Arai 02

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