Muddy situation gets muddy

cofPlease wait for the boat

Last week, I had the privilege to visit orakei thermal park. It’s a three hour drive from Auckland and can only access by ferry.

After setting off from home, the GPS tells me to use SH27 and not SH1, and I thought to myself, there’s nothing wrong driving the back road. Instant reject when I was an hour away to Orakei. As I was accelerating, a cop was coming from oncoming traffic and pulled me over for speeding.

An hour past and 80 dollar gone, I made it in one piece. After getting out of the car for a stretch, I was hitted with an awful sulfate smell. And this is how I know, this is the place.

Bought the entry ticket to the park and waiting for the ferry to come back.

Once I was in the park, the geyser greeted us with a hot water shooting out and steam everywhere. The colour on the ground is spectacular, and the formation of the rocks are very unique as well.

cofsmoke gets in your eyes

At the far end of the park, there is a cave, which is a must see. At this moment, scientist still have not have a definite answer into how it was form. And there’s only two in the world in this situation, one in Italy and the other one is this.

In the end, this a great place to visit, there’s a bit of a walk but not a difficult one. And you can find mud pool, geyser, and a cave all in one place.

I would say 8/10 would visit again

this mud pool is muddy
the cave

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