The hunt for Szechuan sauce

After the premiere of Rick and Morty season three, I was on a hunt for Szechuan sauce. For the whole week, I was craving Sichuan dishes and spices. For the people knows me, I can take much Sichuan numbing chili pepper, but I need it for reasons.

After finish in Orakei thermal park, we drove back home. On the way, I was told there is a Chinese restaurant in Hamilton that do one the best Sichuan dishes outside of Sichuan. I was instantly hooked and on the hunt was on.

After the experience before, I took SH 1 to be safe and was in Hamilton in no time. When I was in the Hamilton, it was 1600 and the restaurant was already half full. By the time finished ordering, the place was full. Last time I went, there were an hour waiting time. If you want to come to try their food, either make reservation or come early

When the food was in front of me, I quickly learn why this is one of the best place to eat Sichuan dishes. We ordered the sliced beef cooked in chili oil(水煮牛肉) and twice cooked pork (回鍋肉). Thanks Google for the translation.

beside Mapo tofu, sliced beef cooked chili oil is another best known Sichuan dish. The beef is soft and tender and cooked in the right amount of temperature and after finishing the beef, the cabbage softens over time and soaked up all the chili sauce in the dish, taste so good. The twice cooked pork is also superb as well.

The price is a bit high, but well worth every penny. Ended up paying $50 for two people. The restaurant is in Collingwood st, Hamilton. If you do plan to visit, can’t stress enough, do make a reservation first or an hour wait time.

10/10 will return.

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