The wood that is red


Redwood forest is located in Rotorua, about 20 minutes away from the city center, which makes access convenient. Once I arrive in the car park, I was in awe. Trees standing 15 meters tall and straight as an arrow, I was belittled by these giants.

There are multiple tracks ranging from 30 mins to hours on end. Different track for different difficulty, do check the official website for more info. choose the best track that suit for your abilities and enjoy the scenery; you can choose to walk, bike, or horse riding in the woods.

I set out for a Quarry lookout track and it was awesome. I started walking from the information center, and was already stuck near it because I can’t believe how amazing this place is.


Do plan ahead of time if you plan to do the tramping route, it takes 8 hours to finish. And the scenery is more epic.

Here are some of the photos on the day, enjoy.



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