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tl:dr version:

drive on beach, walk less.

long version:

If you are like me who doesn’t like walking too much, this one is for you.

Karioitahi beach is located in Franklin, a rural town on the outskirt of Auckland; a beach that you can drive your car as close to the water as possible. Theres also is a waterfall near the entrance, and it’s really to get there, not much of a climb. You can fish, hike, drive, swim, horse riding, surf, and even paraglide there.

It was the second time I drove on the beach, it was so awesome that I forgot my speed and almost flip my car over. So, do watch your speed on the beach.

If you do plan on swimming and/or surf there, do swim/surf between the flag as the water can get rough there.

have fun and enjoy.

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