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tl:dr version: drive on beach, walk less. long version: If you are like me who doesn't like walking too much, this one is for you. Karioitahi beach is located in Franklin, a rural town on the outskirt of Auckland; a beach that you can drive your car as close to the water as possible. Theres... Continue Reading →

Sun set in the west

Tl:dr version: muriwai beach for sunset in the summer, good. Long version: It was summer when I was not lazy enough to get out of the house to watch a proper sunset. There was this road going into Muriwai beach, from top of the mountain downwards, halfway down there is a parking spot you can... Continue Reading →

Riverhead forest

Tl:dr version: Good place to visit, and a lot of activity does to do, like motocross and paintball. Slightly crazy version There will be a time you have to take your velociraptor for a walk, and today was the day. I searched wide and far on google, and i founded the perfect place. There is... Continue Reading →

Best of Monday

Monday, the most hated day of the week. Back to the grind after a fantastic weekend. But hey, there is actually something good to look forward on Monday. There is a restaurant in Mt Eden doing specials on every Monday. A dozen mussels and a beer for around NZD25. There are range of Belgian beer to... Continue Reading →

The wood that is red

Redwood forest is located in Rotorua, about 20 minutes away from the city center, which makes access convenient. Once I arrive in the car park, I was in awe. Trees standing 15 meters tall and straight as an arrow, I was belittled by these giants. There are multiple tracks ranging from 30 mins to hours... Continue Reading →

Muddy situation gets muddy

Please wait for the boat Last week, I had the privilege to visit orakei thermal park. It’s a three hour drive from Auckland and can only access by ferry. After setting off from home, the GPS tells me to use SH27 and not SH1, and I thought to myself, there's nothing wrong driving the back... Continue Reading →

The hunt for Szechuan sauce

After the premiere of Rick and Morty season three, I was on a hunt for Szechuan sauce. For the whole week, I was craving Sichuan dishes and spices. For the people knows me, I can take much Sichuan numbing chili pepper, but I need it for reasons. After finish in Orakei thermal park, we drove... Continue Reading →

Hidden gem of Auckland

New Zealand is famous for her epic scenery and surfer paradise. In Auckland, most of these beaches are saturated on the west coast but there is a gem tucked away on the east and it's called Te Arai. Te Arai is hidden in the east coast, a small rural community near the north of Auckland.... Continue Reading →

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